Redebeitrag auf der Demonstration „Trier bleibt bunt“ / english

Hello everybody!

We are happy to be here today and inform you about our views. We just start right away with the topic of this demonstration: a position against racism and homophobia. Racism and homophobia are two issues not easy to talk about in a short time. Even though it sometimes looks like two different forms of discrimination, they have a lot in common. Discrimination is based on features such as origin, which are sometimes true and sometimes they are just attributes claimed by other people. However, racism and homophobia are not only an opinion by a few people which happen to be idiots most of times but they are also phenomena integrated in society. Homophobia and racism do not only take place at the margins of a society, they are a fundamental part of the mainstream. Emancipation of a society becomes obvious in its level of tolerance. But also policies which are supposed to be progressive have to be analyzed critically. In the year 2013 the European Court of Human rights determined homosexuality as an official reason for asylum. In reality, the fortress Europe still exists. First of all, asylum seekers have to proof prosecution by their home country due to sexual orientation. And second, main requirement for an application for asylum is the presence in any state of the European Union. Actually accessing the European Union is associated with much harassment and risks. Sadly, many refugees lost and still lose their lives in the attempt. For the explained reasons, we want a global society where everybody can be the person they want to be. In order to achieve this goal, everybody is responsible and should do their best – not only in Trier, but anywhere!

Why is it so hard to act responsible? What are the obstacles in societies that prevent such a responsibility– not only in Germany but worldwide? Capitalism is the reason. In capitalistic societies competition among states, organizations and people plays a major role. On the one hand competition fuels fear – fear of losing the personal lifestyle, jobs and also fear of losing economic prosperity and affluence. This fear is often linked to blaming other people, and in reality these people are often immigrants, being understood as being “different”. In other words: competition provokes fear which itself leads to racism a lot of times.

On the other hand, competition creates a desire for a feeling of national identity. Group identity is illusive because it is not about being yourself. Differences among interests and goals do not disappear neither can people accomplish their own wishes despite constraints of society. The illusion of security associated with such a community is just an illusion. Instead, fear and hate of the perceived “others” increase. Being different in such an environment can be dangerous. For that reason, homophobia and racism are not only in the minds of idiots such as fascists and nazis, they are integrated in the society. Defeating homophobia and racism requires a radical and critical questioning of society and its structure.

But enough theoretical talking! What can we do? How can we change the situation? First of all, we like to mention that our political dedication for refugee rights and against racism and homophobia is a privilege. It is a privilege of citizens of the European Union. Many people impacted by homophobia and racism often do not have any other choice to become active and fight for their rights. That is why we are here and call for your support. Tomorrow, an international refugee protest march starts in Strasbourg. European borders from France, to Germany to Belgium will be crossed during this demonstration. Aim is to take a stand against deportation, unequal treatment, poor living conditions and a stand for equal rights. They take a route which is close to Trier. On the 27th of May will be a big demonstration in Saarbrücken and on June 1st close to Pearl the border to Luxembourg will be crossed. We, the political organization “Die Falken”, call everybody to participate and support this form of civil disobidience!

Solidarity should be more than just words! Start Acting! Against exclusion, anywhere and anytime!

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